Glass Art Supplies

Cheeky Monkey Glassworks not only has a beautiful gallery of gift and art glass items, we also stock a wide selection of glass art supplies necessary to work with stained, fused, and torchwork glass.

We are happy to bring in special order items for customers looking for supplies that are out of the ordinary.  Below is a list of some of the items we carry, including links to the suppliers sites for more information.

Stained Glass

Stained Glass Supplies

Fused Glass

Fused Glass Supplies


  • Effetre Glass – large selection of coe 104 rods and some frit
  • Creation is Messy – large selection of coe 104 glass rods
  • Double Helix Glassworks  – coe 104 glass rods and some frit
  • Reichenbach – coe 104 rods
  • mandrels, shaping tools, metal leaf, and more



  • Lamp bases
  • Harps
  • Caps
  • Night light fixtures
  • many other parts to make your own lamp


  • Bevels & bevel clusters
  • Glass Nuggets
  • Rondels [when available]
  • Filigree and sundries

Fusing Molds

Fused Glass Molds

Glass kilns

Skutt Kilns can be ordered through the shop, we don’t keep them in stock.

Kiln time is available for customers that need us to fuse pieces for them, prices vary depending on the size of the kiln needed and how many firings are required.


All our books are now 75% off!!

We carry a huge selection of stained glass, mosiac, stepping stone, torchwork and fusing books, there are too many to list. Contact us if you are looking for a specific book.