Mon, Sep 26
10:00 am - 5:00 pm

With Kelley Knickerbocker

Can be extended to a 2 day course if there is enough interest!

Level:   Beginning/Intermediate/Advanced

In this course we’ll figure out how to assess random scraps (curved, straight, jagged, right angles, different sizes, colors, etc.), see (or create) the rhythm in them, and join them together into an eloquent mosaic. The unruly dissonance of your pile of shards is actually their visual/textural strength!

Get ready to learn:

  • How to see (or create) the corresponding aspects of very dissimilar scraps
  • How to choose a neutral unifying material to pull your discordant scraps together
  • The importance of dissonance in creating energy and interest in an andamento
  • The importance of contrast, value, shape and texture in the success of a mosaic
  • How uniformity can make areas of “chaos” really pop
  • How to effect a “chaos gradient,” and why you might want to
  • Two new andamenti with specific types/shapes of scrap

You’ll create a small sample mosaic starting with uniform shapes and progressing into variations of materials and sizes in a “chaos gradient” to a raucous but balanced finale. If you’re a careful perfectionist this course will show you how to effectively bust some spontaneous moves, and if you’re a wild, intuitive sticker-downer this course will show you how adding strategic uniformity can intensify and enhance your wild style.

What to bring: Your favorite mosaic tools, pen and paper for taking notes, any scraps or shards you’ve been wondering what to do with (optional)


$250 plus GST and PST (price includes all supplies/materials)

*Transfers or full refunds will be given up to 7 days prior to your class less a $20 administration fee. After that, full refunds less the $20 admin fee, are given if we fill your spot.

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