Fri, May 13
9:00 am - 2:00 pm

We will update this post when Kelley Knickerbocker is able to travel to Nanaimo and teach this class.

KickassietteComp 300x279 1This Workshop is being taught by guest instructor Kelley Knickerbocker from Seattle.

Picassiette* is the process of transforming crockery and found objects into mosaic. What makes crockery so tempting and ideal for mosaic is not only its availability, ease of cutting, and varied glazes, but its unique curvatures, bumps and protrusions that translate to gorgeous dimensionality in tesserae.

In this technique-rich, hands-on workshop, Kelley ramps picassiette up an innovative notch with her unusual methods of cutting/setting not only the flat surfaces of plates and other ceramic ware, but the lips, feet, rims, handles, lids, spouts, and more, including the exposing/tinting of the inner clay body. Students will learn cutting tools and techniques; setting in mortar to maximize sculptural/dimensional possibilities; building a cohesive color/material palette, and composing with crockery’s challenging curves and bumps.

*Thought to be derived from the French slang “piquer” (to steal) + “assiette” (plate).


$385 (plus taxes and supplies to be determined) for two days.