Brenda McIntyre & Cheeky Monkey Glassworks

Brenda McIntyre planning her pieceBrenda McIntyre, owner of Cheeky Monkey Glassworks, has been making quality, custom art in her bright and exciting Nanaimo studio for over 25 years. To her, glass is an amazing medium that you can sandblast, melt, bend, bond, or solder.

Her images often mirror the ocean and nature, with the vibrant colour choices speaking of cultures she’s enjoyed during her travels across the world.


Shiny Things for your inner Crow

At Cheeky Monkey Glassworks, we specialize in fine quality craftsmanship and offer a wide range of services. We pride ourselves on our cheeky, helpful service and super fun classes.

We will custom design windows, doors, lamps, & hangings in stained or sandblasted glass. We also offer custom designed fused pieces, stepping stones & mosaic mirrors.

There is a wide range of beautiful original items for sale in the shop, all of it made in house. We are also skilled in repairs and restoration of broken stained glass doors, windows & lamps.  We are very happy to return your treasured piece of art back to it’s original state of beauty.

window glass artOur most frequently asked question, “Where does the name come from?” Anyone who has been in the studio will tell you, as soon as you walk in you can feel the fun, cheeky atmosphere, and Brenda’s Chinese Zodiac sign is the monkey!

The studio was started back in the 80’s in a wonderful heritage building in Nanaimo, BC.  After managing the shop for 15 years Brenda bought it in 2009, changed the name and modernized the interior. The shop now reflects her style and spirit.

In the studio you will find very unique stained, fused, sandblasted, stepping stone & mosaic glass designs displayed throughout the shop. Brenda loves to show off her artwork, and you must come in to experience the Cheeky Monkey Atmosphere.